Instant Gift Card System-Increase your revenues instantly

As a business have you ever thought of generating revenues from a place where your business does not exist? Sounds a bit weird, correct ? But it is not actually that insane. Stores and brands always try to achieve this by selling their gift cards online, in grocery stores, pharmacy, gas stations etc. Win for the customer who does not have time to go buy the gift and win for the brand as they get someone to pre-pay for their product or service without being physically present at a POP (point of purchase). The picture below shows a typical process of how a gift card reaches its final user. We have a buyer and good friend Andy who buys the gift-card  –


Imagine a system that will enable Andy to send gift card instantly to his friend either from his home or office, all he needs is a device with internet connection. This device could be a mobile phone or a notebook or could even be a computer.

Look at process below that shows gift-card buying process via Green Commerce Inc’s Instant gift-card system.


Benefits of Instant or textable gift-cards to buyer –

  1. A buyer can buy the gift-card from internet and can send it on email and or mobile phone of a friend. CONVENIENCE !
  2. Time and money saved in personally handing out the card or shipping it
  3. Buyer can send the gift card from anywhere in the world without doing much of advance planning.  Since the delivery is instant the gift-card can be sent at nick of the time

Benefits of Instant or textable gift-cards to user ( Redeemer ) –

  1. Redeeming is easy. All you have to carry along with you is your mobile phone which you do generally.
  2. No hassle of remembering to carry the gift-card with you.
  3. Redeem either in full or partially.

Benefits of Instant or textable gift-cards to BUSINESSES –

  1. Sell more gift cards
  2. Pay only when you sell it. No sale no payment.
  3. Quick and easy set up
  4. It is unique and is Cool
  5. It is personalized
  6. It is instant
  7. It is convenient
  8. It is secure
  9. IT IS GREEN! (No plastic!)

What kind of businesses should use this system ?

  • Restaurants
  • Spas
  • Salons
  • Art gallery
  • Tattoo studios
  • Holiday homes
  • Travel agencies
  • Malls
  • Book stores
  • Cake Shops
  • Other retailers

The list is endless………………………………………………………

You can CLICK HERE to see few our already existing customers in action.

As a business owner if you are hoping to see this system help you grow your business then your excitement should be doubled as Green Commerce Inc is offering to set-up the system at ZERO cost to the businesses for a limited time. Usually a customized set-up costs around $500.00 BUT NOW IS THE OPPORTUNITY to get it done for $0.00. Comment bellow if you have any questions. You can reach out to me at msinghal at greencommerce dot com for any further details.

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  • Donna Thomas

    Fantastic you have any idea how many plastic gift cards have been lost or misplaced in my household. Just one question, how do they handle the case where you don’t spend it all the first time out?

    • Meetu Singhal

      Excellent question Donna! The answer is — When some one redeems the partial gift card , for example – I have a gift card for $25 and I redeemed only $15 out of it. With in few minutes of $15 transaction a new gift card worth $10 ( the balance amount ) is sent as text on the same mobile phone. Hence, this gift card becomes the valid card and the old one is archived.
      Another scenario could be what if you delete the gift card text by mistake from your mobile phone. First off you get an email that has details on how to request for the gift card text on your mobile phone again. We also send reminders once in 15 days or 3 weeks to the beneficiary to redeem his/her gift card.
      Let me know if you have more question.
      Thanks for looking in to it!

  • Karen

    This is great Meetu! I checked the website and are there just 4 gift cards (merchants) that one can buy from now? I am thinking about merchants in my area that would benefit from this. Thanks.

    • Meetu Singhal

      Thanks for your interest in our solution, Karen! We provide complete custom solution as well. Which means the system runs on Merchants’ site , shopping cart etc. These 4 are our initial few simple-installations.

  • Adrian

    This is an awesome concept!

    • Meetu Singhal

      Thanks Adrian! our team works hard round the clock to put this together. Expect more to come soon :)

  • Anonymous

    Great new product! Genius idea and perfect for retailers to their customers. Spreading it around for you

    • Meetu Singhal

      Thanks @samilliman !

  • SocialBeeOnline

    This is a very cool idea. I think it could be huge. I will definitely keep it in mind for my clients. Thanks Meetu.

    • Meetu Singhal

      Thanks SocialBeeOnline! don’t hesitate to connect with me in future for any further details. However, if you have any of your client on mind who can use this then now is the time as due to holiday season we have waived of the entire set-up fee which generally amounts to $500. Have a great weekend!

  • Terry Crosby

    Instant GRATIFICATION. I have been waiting for this ! Currently, texting is the most popular method of communication so very smart way to roll out new product. I am going to Green Commerce Inc.

    • Meetu Singhal

      Thanks for your support , Terry! let me know if we can be of any assistance to your clients immediately !

      • Terry Crosby

        Meetu, so there is no minimum purchase for a vendor to set up an account? If that is true everyone should set up an account.

      • Terry Crosby

        One of my clients will be launching an appreciation campaign at the first of the year. The local businesses will be showing the appreciation to the college (approx 1700 students). We are purchasing wrist bands that will have the website they need to check for the deal of the day. I am thinking this product would be helpful. hmmm mind is spinning

      • Meetu Singhal

        Sure! let’s talk! at the moment as you no we have waived off the set-up fee ( OUR WAY OF GIVING / PAYING IT FORWARD )

      • Meetu Singhal

        No minimum purchase. Infact the business has to pay only 2 fees. One is paymentgateway that is paypal that is around 3% of total transaction . The second is for text message exchange which costs less if there are more text messages so lets say 20 cents per text if there are more than 500 messages and 30 cents is there are less than 500 messages in a month. I just gave you an example to understand. I cost could be lower as well.

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome post Meetu. Love the images. I was wondering where you were going with this and suddenly it hit! Mobile Marketing is the way forward and texting it just part of it, right?

    • Meetu Singhal

      Very small part as you can already visualize, Yusuf. We are already in process of creating a complete loyalty program based on this. This product is first step towards enabling businesses to leverage mobile technology.

      • Sakshamkatyal

        Meetu ji, saksham this side. Do you mean to replace a hard greet card with text message? The idea is certainly futuristic and I have my support for that. Let me know if I can be of any help.

      • Meetu Singhal

        Saksham, the Idea is to help entrepreneurs and business owners. Greet cards is not what is on our mind. Appreciate your interest in our technology! We are present in India as well. Please visit and contact our India office and give my reference. Any help in spreading the word out will definitely help us reach more and more businesses. So please like us on facebook :)