[Video]:How to track the origin of news on Twitter

Google’s advance search has really become advanced now a days. Ever since Google bots have started crawling the social media sites like twitter for real time search the whole search related to news ( BREAKING news to be more precise) has changed.

Yesterday there was a bomb scare on the Robert F Kennedy bridge in New York City and the video below shows how I tracked down who and how the news broke on Twitter.

UPDATE: Google’s search navigation has changed beginning today , I will repost the video with new navigation :)

YouTube Preview Image

Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section regarding Google search.

  • http://terrycrosbyblog.com/ Terry Crosby

    What time did CNN break the news? So the use of hashtags will increase your chance of showing up in the real time search results? What if you were to just use the keyword?

    • http://www.meetusinghal.com/ Meetu Singhal

      CNN interrupted AC 360 so I am guessing it should be around past midnight EST . The Police got the report at 11 pm EST and first tweet was seen at 11:30 . I did not see any tweet from CNN even after 1 am on this news item.