Google I|O 2010 some highlights – day 1

Today is another exciting day on social media. While people are making hue and cry on another new policy change by facebook on default landing tab for a facebook page ,  I took some time to compile my notes I created while watching the Google I|O keynote live from their official Google channel.

  1. Things started with HTML5 and amazing applications like and were invited to showcase what they built with already available open source.
  2. Google announced WebM, an open web media format project and open-sourced VP8, a high-quality, web-optimized video codec, that Google is contributing to under a royalty-free license.
  3. Adobe’s Kevin Lynch gave a demo for Dreamweaver CS5 the HTML5 Pack and can be downloaded from here
  4. Google App Engine for Business, which offers new features that enable companies to build internal applications on the same reliable and secure infrastructure that Google uses for their own apps. $8/user/month/app . Maximum of $1000/app to me is such an amazing deal for businesses.
  5. Google waves is now free for all no invite needed. now have incorporated Google waves in their app for instant collaboration.
  6. cloud portability partnership with VMware was announced.  It was shared that this is to make it easier for companies to build rich web apps and deploy them to the cloud of their choice or on-premise. In just one click, users of the new versions of SpringSource Tool Suite and Google Web Toolkit can deploy their application to Google App Engine for Business, a VMware environment or other infrastructure, such as Amazon EC2.
  7. New Chrome Web Store was announced as an open marketplace for web apps that helps people find the best web applications across the Internet
  8. Some new resale of APIs were done –
    1. Google Maps API Premier is not ready for Enterprises. Mobile strategy now inbuilt in it.
    2. New Feed API for enhanced Ad sense experience and benefits , more details here
    3. New Google Latitude API — location can make mobile apps and websites more useful.
  9. Two new developer tools —  BigQuery and Prediction API this is explained more here
  10. Simple yet powerful apps built on HTML5 were shared like
  11. Twitter for Android: A closer look at Android’s evolving UI patterns check the screen shots here
  • Kristen Keene

    This is great info, Meetu! I'm just getting started utilizing social media and you've really helped me out with all the work you've done! A huge thank you to you!!

    • Meetu Singhal

      Many thanks to you Kristen for stopping by and reading through my blog. This keeps me inspired to continue my efforts in sharing what ever little I know. feel free to drop me any questions you might have on social media and technology.

  • Jarrett Gucci

    This is awesome Meetu. Thanks for doing this.

    • Meetu Singhal

      Thanks for giving it a read , Jarrett!