Google +1 button now for your website

google-plusone-buttonOn June 1, 2011 Google announced the launch of its Google +1 button for websites.  Early this March Google launched Google +1 Experiment for users and opting into this experiment was left as choice for Google users.  It clear from the functionality of the button that it gives direct competition to Facebook ‘Like’ button.  I did a quick installation of Google +1 button on my WordPress blog by taking directions from official Google webmaster guide that can be seen here and from Mashable’s Blog post here .   Please watch the how to video that is embedded at the bottom of this blog post.

I +1d one of my blog posts and did a quick test. The result was instantly seen on Google search results. The test can be seen in action in the image below –




The how to guide to install the Google +1 button with using a Plugin on your WordPress blog is below. Some dependencies will stay on the kind of theme you are using, hence it is not successful for every WordPress site.

YouTube Preview Image
  • Ross Quintana

    Nice post, and good resources in it. Of course Google is going to use their leverage to implement their products. This shows how powerful their position is and yet it is weak in some ways due to the mobility of integrated search. Nice post Meetu 

    • Meetu Singhal

      Hey Ross! Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I have not been blogging consistently these days as you can see. Need to get back on track sooner. Let’s see how Search plus your world from Google comes around. I opted for it and I kind of like it.

  • Pamela Rappaport

    Google’s roll out of new features is going to be a game changer for search. Any site without the 1+ button is missing the boat. 

    • Meetu Singhal

      Your so to the point , Pamela. The +1 button now is more enhanced with snippets that is not covered in this blog post. But if some one clicks on generate button link they will see the snippet custom option as well.